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hotel de villa tacvnga

Perfect For Relaxing

The Hotel Villa de Tacvnga is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace and quiet, and a convenient position from which to explore Latacunga.

hotel de villa tacvnga

Colonial style hotel

It opens his doors the national and international public, after more than thirteen years of restoration and exhibits proudly his traditional architecture, where are outlined the well of water and the oven of fuelwood, original elements of the colonial epoch.

hotel de villa tacvnga

Live the Flavours

Attention to detail in taste and presentation, enjoy our specialties in national and international cuisine and personalized service at the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Hotel

Inspiration can be found everywhere

Ecuador got the unique hotel build with pumice stone

The house was ordered built at the beginning of the eighteenth century by the Marquis de Miraflores. Here lived the General Manuel Tomás Maldonado and housing was in the hands of his heirs for over 150 years until it was acquired and renovated and converted into a hotel.

Pumice of this house was formed by rapid cooling of a lava-rich gases. In volcanic areas like Latacunga, where the pumice was plentiful, it was used for foundations in traditional houses and walls built to stop dividing land or properties.

For this reason several of the churches in the city, the other house of the Marquis de Miraflores, the municipality and other housing are of this material; However in modern construction is not considered to pumice suitable for foundations due to its porosity.

In the 200 years that owns the house still retains its Spanish style, with its corridors, courtyards, oven, water well, the walls of pumice, characteristic of large latacungueñas homes of yesteryear.


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