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Suites, Private Rooms and Shared Service

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All rooms * include Breakfast / Continental Breakfast

Luxury Suites

Cozy & nbsp; with a great view that allows you to enjoy the scenery, with an elegant style, accompanied by the & nbsp; heat of the fireplace, enjoy the comfort of a Queen size bed.

Price per night / From / Preferred by Businessmen

$ 20,00 /Person

Private Rooms

Cozy and comfortable & nbsp; it is perfect for people traveling on business or tourism who wish to enjoy a space where they can relax and rest in the heart of the Historic Center of the city of Latacunga.

Price per night From / Preferred by Travelers

$ 40.00 /Person

Rooms with Bunk Bed

Enjoy Villa Tacvnga completely at a comfortable price so you can continue with your next adventure

Price per night / From / Preferred by Backpackers

$ 10.00 /Person

Family Room

Large and comfortable & nbsp; for those families looking to share their stay, this room has a full size bed, a single bed and a bunk bed.

Price per night / From / Preferred by Families

$20.00 /Person

Private Rooms

Immerse yourself in the luxury of our private rooms, where history comes to life in an intimate and unique setting. Rest like a true explorer at the heart of tradition.

Price per night / From / Preferred by Friends

$40.00 /Person

Double Rooms

Warm, furnished with elegance and good taste, they make available a full size bed

Price per night / From / Preferred by Couples

$35.00 /Person

Rooms With Bunk Bed

Spacious and cozy & nbsp; with 2 full size beds

Price per night / From / Preferred by Friends

$10.00 /Person


All rooms include …

Free WiFi

We have fiber optic internet so you can connect at all times

Parking Lot

We have parking of the hotel prior to capacity limit

Bedroom Amenities

All rooms have their services included

Soft drinks

You can enjoy our water dispenser or be it a hot or cold drink at all times

Room service

You can request room service from the restaurant


For your comfort and convenience we have several security measures within the hotel

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