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The Hotel

The house was ordered to be built at the beginning of the eighteenth century by the Marquis de Miraflores. General Manuel Tomas Maldonado lived here as well as his heirs for the next 150 years, until 2006 where it was purchased and renovated into a hotel. Designated by the Ecuadorian government as a historical site, we open our doors for you to explore the history.

The house is built with pumice stone, which is formed by rapidly cooled magmas. Latacunga is a volcanic area, so pumice was plentiful. It was used for housing foundations and walls built to divide land. This is why so many of the historical buildings in Latacunga look similar.

Even after renovations the house still retains is Spanish style with corridors, courtyards, fire wood oven, well water and the walls of pumice. All the characteristics of wealthy Latacunga of the past, but with the modern accommodations of today.