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Traditional Architecture
Historic Center of Latacunga
Built 450 Years ago
14 Rooms, 45 Guests
From $ 7.50 Per Night

The Colonial Era of Ecuador

Ecuador has the only pumice hotel in the world Golden Rest is the only hotel in the world built entirely in pumice . It was extracted from one of the eruptions of the Cotopaxi Volcano. It is considered to have been the one that occurred in 1742, when Latacunga was hardly a hamlet.

The pumice stone of this house was formed after the rapid cooling of a gas-rich lava. In volcanic areas such as Latacunga, where pumice was abundant, it was used for walls in traditional homes and for walls built to stop the land or divide properties.


Our guests


Golden Rest is one of the most historic hotels in Ecuador.. Sleeping in a 200-year-old house with pumice walls is an experience worth living at least once in a lifetime.

Ulises Rodriguez


It is a charming hotel. Located right in the center of Latacunga. The deal is wonderful make you feel at home. Also at the reception they advise you places to visit, it shows that they know the tourism of the area very well since they have plans for everyone. It is a MUST STAY if you are in the area. If you also have the luck that the owner tells you the story of this wonderful old Palace … you will be even more captivated..
Thank you for a cozy stay. We will be back!!!

Lala Canella


We had a very nice stay in this beautiful hotel! The room was very big and comfortable, with a warm shower and even a heater. There is a restaurant attached to the hotel, which serves great food. We took a tour with Nelson to the Quilotoa lake, beautiful and very easily arranged the hotel.

Maartje Koeter


Golden Rest is an exceptional and welcoming place in the city, which keeps a lot of the tradition of our roots and our history. A quiet and relaxed place to rest, enjoy and taste the best food

Ceci Bassantes

Past and Present

The Home of the hotel

According to documents belonging to the historian Marco Karolys, this house was ordered to be built by the Marqueses de Miraflores and General Manuel Tomás Maldonado lived here. The house was in the hands of its heirs for more than 150 years until it was acquired and rehabilitated to convert it into a hotel.

Those who stay become part of a story that began to be written in 1742 when the Cotopaxi volcano entered into activity and then that pumice stone served to lift these walls that were able to accommodate a lustres personalities of the history of Ecuador. & nbsp;

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